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We credit the success of our event to the outstanding efforts of our volunteers. Volunteers are needed to help at the packet pick-up on Friday night as well as during the race on Saturday. Various volunteer duties include water stations, traffic coordination, cheering stations, etc. We guarantee volunteering at this event will inspire you!




Runners need all the motivation they can get!!   We encourage neighborhoods to have a “lawn party” if the course runs by your house, businesses to allow employees to cheer as runners pass,  and families/friends to set up cheering stations along the route to support the athletes.  If you are interested in being part of a “Scream Team”, contact info@fsspaducah.com for more details on how you can be involved!

3 Ways to Support the Runners

• Bring something that makes noise, such as a bell, horn, or boom box.

• Wear something that stands out, such as a colorful wig or a costume.

• Make a sign. Cheer on your friend (“Go Mark!”) or cheer everyone (“Way To Go,” “You Can Do It!”).

2 Things to Yell at Runners

• “You’re doing great!”

• “You’re looking good!”

1 Thing to Avoid on Race Day

• Don’t shout, “The _____ is just up ahead.” To a runner struggling, “just up ahead” means within the next 10 feet. No matter how close you are to a hydration station or the finish line, you’re still too far away.

Funny signs break up the monotomy and are a good distraction for a runner.  Here are some sample “Funny Signs” for runners.

“Don’t stop…people are watching”

“If it was easy, I would do it”

“Your feet hurt because you are kicking soo much butt”

“You trained longer than Kim Kardashian’s marriage”

“Run like someone’s chasing you”


Support/Cheer Groups on the Course

Clowns PIMG&C2015 Healthworks



“We had a great time at the Water Station, the race was awesome!  What an inspiration to see that many people running!”

“Great job to all who helped in planning Paducah Iron Mom.  Employees of City of Paducah, EMS, ambulance, Carson Center, FSS, and all others were tremendous.  Even with the stress of planning, decision making, and the weather, I did not see one cross or disrespectful situation.  Lots of wet smiles and pride of accomplishments.   Lourdes staff had a great time and enjoyed being part of this very successful event.”